NOTHING FORGOTTEN is a moving story about a mother's regret and a love transcending time, space, and conventional morality.

“. . . an example of women's fiction at its best. Its exploration of history, memory, family, and the particular struggles of women looking for experiences and love is enjoyable, memorable, and thought-provoking all at once.”
—FOREWORD, Rebecca Hussey

“Passionate, impulsive, mystical, Anna tells her tale of romance in Italy and the impossible choices made for love with the frank intimacy of a best friend. Consuming and thought-provoking; I couldn't put it down!”
—MICAH PERKS, author of What Becomes Us

If you’ve ever dreamed of having an Italian romance, Jessica Levine’s Nothing Forgotten is the next best thing . . . and maybe better . . .”
—LAURA FRASER, author of An Italian Affair

“Levine expertly crafts a sense of place in late twentieth century Rome. With unexpected plot twists and no easy answers, Nothing Forgotten concludes with a satisfying mix of love, loss, pleasure, and pain.”
—BARBARA STARK-NEMON, author of Even in Darkness