Nothing Forgotten

A novel set in Italy

In NOTHING FORGOTTEN, Anna is reliving a tense argument with her husband when she receives an unexpected email from the Italian lover she knew decades before. As the episode returns to haunt her, her marriage is threatened, and the story moves back to her youth in Rome and Paris.

After graduating from college in 1979, Anna had fled her alcoholic mother and enabling father, determined to become a citizen of the world—to have lovers, to travel widely, to immerse herself in the rich history of literature and art, and to live a life of passion and freedom away from her painful childhood.

When she landed a job as an English teacher at an Italian language school, she began her affair with Sergio, the school administrator. Sergio was already engaged. Although Anna worried about her decision, she couldn’t let him go. Besides, she believed their relationship was temporary. But there was nothing temporary about the way she and Sergio felt for each other, and as Anna grew closer to him, she also became friends with his fiancée, for whom she genuinely cared. Then an unexpected pregnancy, an anonymous letter, and threatening relatives forced Anna to make choices—choices she now has the opportunity to reconsider.

NOTHING FORGOTTEN is a moving story about a mother's regret and a love transcending time, space, and conventional morality.

Winner Next Generation Indie Book Award, Category Second Novel

Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Award, Category General Fiction

Merit, CIPA EVVY Book Award, Category Women’s Fiction

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Publication date: April 10, 2018
She Writes Press
Literary Fiction, ISBN 978-1-63152-3-243,
$16.00 U.S., 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 256 pages

"A vivid travelogue . . . reminded me of the Italian television series . . . that proved compulsively engrossing, 'The Best of My Youth,' . . . delicious insights into Italian life." -- SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Fans of Emma Straub, Anne Tyler, and Liane Moriarty will adore Levine's treatment of domestic drama . . . . Immersing the reader in Roman decadence and San Francisco's modernityNothing Forgotten is an intricately layered, deeply heartfelt, and bittersweet novel." 
— BOOKLIST, Starred Review

“. . . an example of women's fiction at its best. Its exploration of history, memory, family, and the particular struggles of women looking for experiences and love is enjoyable, memorable, and thought-provoking all at once.”
— FOREWORD, Rebecca Hussey

“If you’ve ever dreamed of having an Italian romance, Jessica Levine’s Nothing Forgotten is the next best thing . . . and maybe better . . .”
— LAURA FRASER, author of An Italian Affair

"A richly detailed story of passion and failure, deception and honesty, with anticipation and nostalgia. It is about making hard choices and living with those decisions, and the twisted ties that hold a family together."
— Story Circle Book Reviews

“Levine expertly crafts a sense of place in late twentieth century Rome. With unexpected plot twists and no easy answers, Nothing Forgotten concludes with a satisfying mix of love, loss, pleasure, and pain.”
— BARBARA STARK-NEMON, author of Even in Darkness

“Passionate, impulsive, mystical, Anna tells her tale of romance in Italy and the impossible choices made for love with the frank intimacy of a best friend. Consuming and thought-provoking; I couldn't put it down!”
— MICAH PERKS, author of What Becomes Us